Jagdish Gundara

Jagdish Gundara

Racism, Jagdish Gundara & Roger Hewitt

 “Racism has been defined as the belief that some of the races of mankind are superior to others. The superior races were seen as more intelligent, more civilised, more creative, more creative, more capable of scientific invention and even, more moral – in other words better human beings. People have used this idea of higher races and lower races to justify slavery, forced transportation, economic exploitation and even genocide – the killing of hundreds and thousands of men, women and children because they were said to be members of certain races and should be eliminated.”

“Racial prejudice is deciding what you think about a person based on their skin colour, or what culture they come from.”

“Whenever people are harassed because of the colour of their skin, then racism is at work.”

“The study of human genetics has allowed us to know more and more about our past and about our relation to each other and about our relation to each other and to the rest of nature. The truth turns out to be that the idea of different races is a nonsense. Skin colour, for example, has always been one of the most common ways in which people’s race is said to be shown. But only about 6 genes control all the differences in skin colour to be seen in Europe and Africa, out of the 100,000 or so genes that make up each human being. 6 out of 100,000 is not much but people have hung on to this tiny cluster of differences the whole idea of race. They have made them important even though the differences they show are literally only skin deep.”